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Principles of International Tax Law Course

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What the benefits of this course?

The participants will gain fundamentals international tax law knowledge as well as a right understanding of international tax law concept covering both tax treaty interpretation and application, includes both active and passive income. Then, participants may deepen or developed their basic international tax planning skills. Finally, the participants may discuss their cross border transaction practice directly from the instructors.

Participation is of benefit to:

  • Tax advisers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Tax administrations; and
  • Inhouse tax personnel

Teaching Method

To safeguard the interactive nature of the course, including group discussions and case studies, a maximum of 10 participants will be accepted. The course will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

Course Fee

Course fee/Subject Rp 750.000/Person. Register for 3 subject Rp 2.000.000/Person.

The course fees are includes:

  • Complete course materials
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch and 2 times coffee break

Rukan Artha Gading Blok E/25, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

we also offer tailored international taxation courses based on your institution need. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our in-house international taxation courses, please contact Mr. Ferry at 021-4506738 or 0856 921 288 39. The time/schedule and venue are flexible with your institution’s convenience.

Course :

1. Principles of International Tax Law

The international aspects of income taxation have become increasingly important as countries worldwide have become more economically integrated. This course provides an introduction to the policies that countries seek to advance with their international tax rules. The course content will covered: source and residence principle under international tax law, the right to tax (individual, corporation, business profit of the foreign enterprises, on investment income, employment and professional income). Then conflict in international tax law may create (juridical & economic) double taxation and double non taxation also will be discussed. Finally, anti avoidance measures adopted by developed countries will be presented.

2. Principles of Tax Treaty Law

The lecture aims to provide the necessary understanding for a systematic approach to the legal field of tax treaties in general. It discusses basic issues such as the scope of tax treaties, their distributive rules and the methods available to eliminate double taxation, as well as other important treaty rules, including the prohibition of discrimination, the mutual agreement procedure and the exchange of information. On the one hand, the lecture is intended to create a basis for various, more specific lectures, and, on the other, to develop an understanding of the interrelations between individual treaty rules that are also dealt within other lectures. The course contents are developed with particular attention using Indonesian Tax Treaty Policy as an example.

3. Principles of Tax Treaty Interpretation

Tax treaties are international treaties which must be interpreted according to international rules, as laid down in the Vienna Convention on Treaties. Furthermore, tax treaties, which are drawn up in line with the OECD Model Double Taxation Convention, contain separate interpretation guidelines in Article 3 paragraph 2 of the model convention. Both the content of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and the special interpretation rules of Article 3 paragraph 2 of the OECD Model Double Taxation Convention leave some room for interpretation. The lecture covers these problems, as well as the importance and implications of the OECD Commentary on the interpretation of bilateral tax treaties.

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